A deep photo essay by Alessandro Penso (by a clinical psychologist as well by the way) on people seeking asylum and their situation in Greece. No wonder it won the Emerging Photographer Fund. I recently learned about the Greece neo-nazi party when visiting Brovst asylum center near Aalborg and talking to people who managed to escape both from the war at their home country and Greece.

Discovering Susan Sontag

"There is a choice between the work and the life". - Susan Sontag (The Complete Rolling Stone interview, p.110)

"It’s not only a choice between how much you manifest yourself in the ways that media invite you to, but just how much you go out altogether."

- interesting how it all changed now. Sontag invites us to make a choice towards work, she has in mind the writers of course. But it could have influenced a lot of other people as well. So many more chose work that now we need to learn back to make a choice towards life. 
“Proust spoke as someone who, in the early part of his life, had lived a very social, what we would call cafe-society or jet-set life in Paris, but he knew that there was a time when you had to choose between the work and the life. It’s not just a question of whether you’re going to give interviews or talk about yourself - it’s a question of how much you live in society, in that vulgar sense of society - and of having a lot of silly times that seem glamorous to you and to other people.” p.110 

Latvian taxes, part 2

Last year I was supervising some students for their bachelor’s degree project at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. In May I signed the contract for services provided and my overall honorarium was 530 euro. University paid the tax on it - so I received 421,88 euro. (I’ll leave out the discussion about how one supposed to live on this income, since it’s overall for the whole academic year).

In August I receive the letter from Latvian tax office (attached), saying that I’m supposed to pay them tax for the income from the intellectual property, which amounts to 99,39 euro. So it seems that overall I’m supposed to pay 40% in taxes. Looks like a great initiative! )))) I still wonder though where exactly all this money collected from people is being spent on? And since they can see that this is my only income, how do they expect me to live on 322,49 euro during the whole year? That’s 26,9 euro a month…

Anyways, back to the letter - it says that the taxable person regarding this intellectual property is the one permanently residing in Latvia. And I officially notified the Latvian Migration Services that I now reside in Denmark in September 2012. And the tax office knows about it, since they sent the letter to Denmark :) So by their own rules and laws I’m not even supposed to be contacted. They do however, and in this way they take advantage of people who are like me, not very proficient in Latvian laws, since I don’t live there for the last 14 years. They unlawfully use the law in order to get “tax”. This is called stealing actually.

Another side of it - when I went to the Migration Services to register my Danish address, I asked if I should go to the tax office as well. I was told that I shouldn’t, it is now all taken care of. But the tax office has a different opinion about it - I’m supposed to send them documents that I am official tax resident of Denmark and write a notice that they should take me off Latvian records. So my question is - why official Latvian entities have two different policies and why they deliberately misinform people?