Latvian taxes, part 2

Last year I was supervising some students for their bachelor’s degree project at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. In May I signed the contract for services provided and my overall honorarium was 530 euro. University paid the tax on it - so I received 421,88 euro. (I’ll leave out the discussion about how one supposed to live on this income, since it’s overall for the whole academic year).

In August I receive the letter from Latvian tax office (attached), saying that I’m supposed to pay them tax for the income from the intellectual property, which amounts to 99,39 euro. So it seems that overall I’m supposed to pay 40% in taxes. Looks like a great initiative! )))) I still wonder though where exactly all this money collected from people is being spent on? And since they can see that this is my only income, how do they expect me to live on 322,49 euro during the whole year? That’s 26,9 euro a month…

Anyways, back to the letter - it says that the taxable person regarding this intellectual property is the one permanently residing in Latvia. And I officially notified the Latvian Migration Services that I now reside in Denmark in September 2012. And the tax office knows about it, since they sent the letter to Denmark :) So by their own rules and laws I’m not even supposed to be contacted. They do however, and in this way they take advantage of people who are like me, not very proficient in Latvian laws, since I don’t live there for the last 14 years. They unlawfully use the law in order to get “tax”. This is called stealing actually.

Another side of it - when I went to the Migration Services to register my Danish address, I asked if I should go to the tax office as well. I was told that I shouldn’t, it is now all taken care of. But the tax office has a different opinion about it - I’m supposed to send them documents that I am official tax resident of Denmark and write a notice that they should take me off Latvian records. So my question is - why official Latvian entities have two different policies and why they deliberately misinform people?

15 things you can do to help me out

Being unemployed has its advantages - plenty of free time, but it doesn’t bring in much cash unfortunately. I really would like to go to Moscow this April to see my friends with whom I studied and now haven’t seen for 10 years. I also really would like to go to Riga in the end of April and to see my mom, who will be turning 65. 

I don’t have a job at the moment and my savings are running out. Both trips require some investment: I need to go to Riga first in March to change my passport and to get the visa to Russia (total needed 280 euro) and then the April trip itself (264 euro), so in total it is 544 euro, hence the name “500 euro project”.

Please help me to raise 500 euro so that I see my friends and my mom. You can hire me as (in no particular order):

  • A coordinator of large scale research projects: design and planning of the study, motivation of the initial participants of the project, preparation of instructions and templates for data gathering, finding people whose expertise is crucial for project to succeed. For example, see our recent project with 22 countries involved, currently it has grown to 33 participating countries.


  • A creator of scientific communities and networks: I’ve initiated Russian Association of Psychology Students back in 2002, which runs up this day; plenty of conferences, workshops, seminars, discussion groups organized in the framework of that Association. In 2006 I started a seminar group on time perspective research in Moscow, which further grown into International Network on Time Perspective with now 2nd International Conference in preparation (to be held in August in Poland).
  • Photographer: browse through my website, flickr, 500px to get a better overview of my work. I have exhibited my work in Umeå, Riga and Copenhagen. My work was published in Moscow and Copenhagen. You can also buy my art work.


  • Personal guide in Copenhagen: please visit Alternative Copenhagen for more info and to get the idea of the tours I offer.


  • Organizer of exhibitions or movie screenings: so far I arranged two photo exhibits and screening of a documentary movie by Tomas Leach about Saul Leiter in Copenhagen (during the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2013). One more event is planned for the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2014.
  • Interviewer for radio programs: I made an interview for a Danish internet radio with my turkish flute teacher, Cahit Ece.
  • Student supervisor: I have a vast experience in guiding students through their course work or thesis projects - I worked as a Student Scientific Society coordinator in Moscow; currently supervise a few students in different levels: BA, MA and PhD.
  • Soup maker - I love to make soups! I rarely follow a specific recipe, I like to experiment. 


  • Translator: Russian - English; I worked as a translator for a university publishing house, translating the article abstracts; I also have experience of being the live interpreter.
  • Teacher of Russian - haven’t tried this before, but I am a native speaker :)
  • Music teacher - haven’t tried this either, but I learned to play piano since I was 5, currently play a bit of guitar and harmonica, am learning turkish traditional flute. I know the basics of music theory and can read music. I can’t prepare you or your kid to become a world known pianist, but I can teach the basics and expand music curiosity. 

  • Ceramist - am no professional, but here are my creations. It would be a long term project though, but I for sure would enjoy this!


  • Your personal shit manager: got too many things, but don’t have the time and guts to go through them? I can help with that! I can ask all the difficult questions, like: “Do you really need that?”, “When was the last time you used it?”, “What will happen if it will not be here any more?”, I can help rearrange things and to create more space! 


  • Certified ebru teacher: I can teach you the basics of traditional paper marbling technique, ebru, and to make things like that:


Otherwise you can also rent out our apartment in Copenhagen if you’re planning a trip here. 

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